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The first step towards a reliable and affordable fix is knowing exactly what the problem is. Bring your vehicle in today for diagnostic work!

You'll get a clear idea of the issue and your options when you contact us. If you're experiencing car trouble, or if your "check engine" light has come on, just stop by.


Our experts will quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, and we'll give you real solutions that make sense for your budget. You'll get an estimate on all our offers!

Turn to us for straight talk

You can trust our friendly experts. After all, we've been building our reputation on integrity and great work for more than 70 years now, all right here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


Make an appointment and let us treat you right. You'll see why we're trusted in the region.

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Find out what's wrong with your car


Choose the family owned and operated team that's built a legacy here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.